Universities in Crisis

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College rankings continue to nudge their way up, while excellence plummets at alarming rates. How so?

If James Cote and Anton Allahar got it right in Ivory Tower Blues, the university really is in crisis, and other leaders say its bubble is about to burst. What a great opportunity awaits higher education leaders to bring back brains into the learning process. How so? 

Imagine vibrant professors engaged in students’ lives to guide knowledge that builds stronger smarter communities and you are looking at new neuron pathways to dynamic solutions. Has it happened on your campus?

Consider a university that risks working with students’ mental offerings enough to learn with them and hear from them, to inspire learning at higher peaks. No accusations about high school lacks – no blame for broken systems – simply hooking new knowledge onto intelligences students bring to class. Worth the risk?

See myths that shape secondary schools melt away at the feet of renewed universities and learning progress built on human brainpower, rather than on tired traditions or broken benefits. Can you see it?

Visualize universities that mentor more than talk, stir curiosity for a better world, and facilitate brainpower beyond perils of pretentious prose, and you are staring down a climate fit for high performing minds.

We’d also beat the university crisis fears I read about again in today’s Globe and Mail. Get past the halls of higher education that reduced themselves to fate that admits, “We pretend to teach ’em, they pretend to learn.”

It doesn’t need to be that way. Does it?

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