Brainpower Beyond Sea of Cynicism

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Queen Rania told NPR that the world cannot afford to be cynical. Do you agree? Listen here to the Queen’s conversation with NPR to encourage opposing views to learn from different perspectives.

People often ask as one commenter questioned here How can a person survive cynics’ toxins at work, and maintain a sense of hope and adventure for daily targets? Does it happen for you?

If you enjoy your workplace and find yourself coming up with refreshing solutions to stubborn problems, you likely also make choices that cynics rarely get. How so?

Allow no judgments when brainstorming new ideas.  Suggest that no criticism be made against any offering until all insights are welcomed and displayed. Remind folks ahead that naysaying shuts out mental creativity.

Teach tone tactics in daily doses. Show colleagues how cynicism drowns people’s minds with harmful cortisol chemicals – while disagreement accompanied by good tone adds serotonin and leaves people’s intelligence and dignity in tact. Can you see how serotonin mushrooms brainpower?

Choose each action wisely. People often send me books to review, for instance, and I accept only books I can champion or commend. That way, even when I disagree with sections read, I spread serotonin to my brain and others who read  reviews.

Run from cynics daily. Stay alert to all 10 tragic traits in the mind of cynics. Before you hit those walls of despair, focus more attention on those who create, laugh, risk for others, and offer solutions in ways that build up what some tear down.

Cynicism is another way of accepting cortisol that exacerbates any problem by diminishing brainpower and blocking solutions. In the book Caustic Colleagues, see how to cope with toxic co-workers.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset

Or try out 11 opposites to cynicism as you:

1. Target agreement is disagreeable settings.
Reboot brainpower through growth surveys.
Offer fresh perspectives to time worn terms.
Check out cynical results and name their outcomes.
Replace meta-messages with genuine words
Practice opposites of a cynical mind in daily chunks
Choose peace over battles when solving conflicts.
Suggest fresh solutions from broken traditions.
Learn tactics to keep calm under pressure.
. Expect bullies who wire brains for cynicism
Learn to let cynicism go in favor of growth.

19 thoughts on “Brainpower Beyond Sea of Cynicism

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  18. eweber Post author

    Hayli, you build a great case about the staff rooms that many encounter. Few people realize the toxins that come from venting – and fewer still see their impact on the human brain – to shut down growth and creativity.

    Those gripe lunches hit us all – and when they do – brainpower leaks in proportion:-) I am often surprised that people tell me they lack strategies for getting past the sea of cynicism that rocks boats daily:-) What do you think?

    How did you solve that dilemma when you spotted the problem in those gripe lunches?

  19. Hayli @ Transition Concierge

    Great post! So often it seems like the “cool” and “popular” thing to do is vent about the workplace with colleagues over breakfast, lunch, happy hour, etc. Typically the same co-workers, same old gripes. At my first job out of college, it took me a while to fully realize how toxic the daily “gripe lunches” were in my life and my job — a job I really loved.

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