Social Justice or Bolstered Brainpower?

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Social justice often fails because one group of people alone rarely brings equal or ethical opportunities to another. Building stronger communities across differences inspires meaningful contributions from all. Yet some see current notions of social justice as flawed in that it presupposes that others are less mentally capable. You?

1. If social justice was not an option, would we better support and value each person’s unique intelligences to build diverse talented communities?

2. What mental alternatives, other than deficit models that often accompanies social justice efforts, would open genuine equity to diverse people? 

3. When social justice efforts fail to fuse racial differences, what replacement practice would more effectively unleash human intelligence?

4. How mentally damaging are a cynic’s toxins to social development across differences? Or how does cynicism shut down talent where you work?

5. Could common ethical standards, practiced across differences Рopen  more opportunities than current social justice does toward a stronger world?

Perhaps it’s time to look beyond the broken rules and foggy roles of social justice. Begin to envision amazing possibilities that exist when people build new neuron pathways toward greater good for all. What do you think?

I’d say the opposite of social justice is talent like this YouTube shows and it comes to the stage when leaders take time to listen and value a person’s genuine offering. Susan Boyle shows a dream at its best on Britain’s Got Talent. Whose talent have you supported or inspired lately? That could be the beginning of new opportunities for an entire community.

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4 thoughts on “Social Justice or Bolstered Brainpower?

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  3. eweber Post author

    Thanks Robyn, it seems to me that we place absolutely too much confidence in words like social justice – and they come to mean far less than humans deserve! Seems they get based on a deficit model which imples some are better and can help others – so it prevents people from learning from one another and growing together.

    have you noticed that when you look afresh at the problems you often find new solutions that bypass old stygmas?

  4. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, you are asking some very hard questions and they need to be answered.

    When rules are applied, hierarchies and bureaucracies form around them and often that’s what moves something desperately needed into something that doesn’t work as it should.

    We need a lot of collaborative brainpower and a greater sense of ethics among people to solve some of these problems.

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