Why Brain Based Approaches?

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Spot any gap where you live or work, regardless of how small, and you may well be staring into the eyeballs of your own destiny.  How so?

Even though I taught university classes and facilitated top leaders around the world for many years, it still surprises me how few people ever discuss the proven wonder of the human brain. Fewer yet take time to apply extravagant benefits of their brain to ratchet up ethics for daily solution that win. What a loss. That’s likely why I became so interested in writing books and articles to suggest practical brain based approaches that rev up learning and leading. Have you seen any gaps lately where you work that invite a practical solution? 

Start small. Simply live what you’d like to see in others and the human brain’s plasticity rewires for more of the same. Evidence of brain based benefits here at the brain based center show up when leaders create, learn together or laugh at the little things. When we risk change, speak out, practice good tone and respect others who disagree, we leap forward with the brain in mind. It’s not about being perfect here at MITA, which actually works against the brain’s best.  It’s more about enthusiasm and excellence that transform electrical and chemical circuitry for the good stuff!

What would it look like to use more brainpower where you work?

My own 30 year search for answers to that rather straightforward question about brainpower, led me to recognize answers for improved motivation and achievement – across cultures, ages, genders, topics and careers.  Research on the power of the human brain over a lifetime, convinced me to apply neuro discoveries in ways that tap into hidden and unused brainpower.

Early in my search, whenever I challenged  university faculty or business leaders to  shift leading and learning approaches for more brainpower, they’d remind me they need more practical examples. So I wrote books and published articles to show practices that use more brainpower. Not surprisingly, my  attempts to help others engage diverse intelligences, brought even more personal understanding of the the brain’s amazing  agility to know and express knowledge in diverse ways. Luckily all it takes to get started is a problem out there and a brain willing to respond. That’s you – the brain I mean.

Here are two suggestions that help turn perceived gaps into opportunities of a lifetime:

1. Question to Launch key Solutions that Invite Brain Based Approaches:

Einstein and others showed the first principle of deeper understanding as a curious mind. Furthermore, I found that two-footed questions tend to become harbingers of amazing solutions to complex problems. To question is to engage discovery and information in a symbiotic relationship that leads to deeper understanding and answers. Many exciting solutions come from neuroscience yet it takes curiosity to apply brain based that carry people past myths they’d been taught to live. My quest from the beginning was to roll out life-changing practices, past jargon that can imprison great minds. That often means simply suggesting examples until brain based approaches make sense to leaders and learners in any field. While many speak about or argue about the brain’s capability, and even reflect on the human mind, brain based differs. Mastery in brain based approaches comes from doing what you learn and showing evidence of dynamic results attained. In so doing, brain based raises both motivation and achievement, as proved in several countries now.

2. Target to Focus More Brainpower on One Priority and Achieve More:

Why live mental myths when mind-bending realities exist within reach? It’s no surprise to most people that multi-tasking fails to get results, for instance, or that lectures work against the human brain, yet people do it daily.  Have you noticed that few people target specific goals so that synergy in the human brain narrows the gap between where they stand at the moment and where they hope to arrive in future. In the research and in my work with leaders and learners, I’ve found even the busiest people reach new peaks when they sequence targets into a doable list. Start with a great question and the target tends to speak for itself. All that’s left is the doing – which is what rewires the human brain daily for more of the same. The result? New neuron pathways toward answers of a lifetime, and a destiny to die for.

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12 thoughts on “Why Brain Based Approaches?

  1. healthygirl

    Thanks for the article !
    I find myself quite amazed how some of the leaders in my company do master some of these organizational skills that i lack.
    I refer to your number 2 here ‘Target to Focus More Brainpower on One Priority and Achieve More’. That’s exactly to the point. I would add another point 3. Discard everything that is not essential. I know it sounds trivial but the leaders i have seen do the opposite this to such an extent that it’s sick.
    Thanks for the post 🙂

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  8. rummuser

    How I wish that I had known. Happy birthday and best wishes for many happy returns.
    Ellen, my mischievous mind takes that illustration of yours with the bulbs popping out of the brain to interpret it differently. There is very close similarity to a toilet. Now do you see where my Brain is going?

    Now a days, when people ask me how I am, I respond that I am fine except for my arthritis of the brain.

    Happens to the best of us. I am just like all those students that you taught and who simply do not discuss the wonder of the human brain. I for one, simply cannot take myself seriously enough to do so.

    rummusers last blog post..Light At The End Of The Tunnel.

  9. eweber Post author

    Hey did you say Java? LOL — Thanks Robyn, and for the wonderful birthday too. Another brain based year – to chase even finer adventures. You on?

  10. Robyn McMaster

    Ellen, you shared with me that you “wrote your way into your birthday” today. What a beautiful summary of your life work over time. You inspire me because you keep growing and changing. You do not get stuck in ruts, but seek adventure – both mental and in real life.

    Well… there is one pattern I’ve never seen you break – that cup of morning Java to kickstart that wonderful brain of yours on another roll to turn an idea upside down or to launch out for a “day hop.”

    Keep adventuring into brain research to bring us your amazing practical applications and into new in-person experiences!

    Robyn McMasters last blog post..Your Brand – Person or Product?

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