Aware of Inner Calm Beyond Stress?

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Inner calm is the absence of stress and anxiety, and the presence of divine alertness which is available to each of us through a deeper understanding of being.

Calm or inner peace describes our lived experience of an inner soundless space where we access and awaken tangible grace. It involves inner loving-kindness and an access to spirit where we awaken a divine presence beyond ourselves. It’s where we enter the gateway into our unique expression of grace and the divine life overflowing with unconditional love for all humanity.

To engage personal calm is the brain’s way to help us enter the gateway into indescribable love received and amplified through silence. There we listen to divine sounds of silence and engage a robust inner presence that enhances our innermost being.

When fully present to our inner being, we engage eternal inner silence fueled by grace and serotonin. In the alertness we begin to hear a deeper presence within the innermost place of joyous silence. Calm leads us into calmer destinations, often un-imagined even in words of noisy prayer or toxic wishes we crave.

Inner calm engages an alertness to our inner essence of being which is a form of mindfulness where God teaches us and grace sustains us in the awareness of inner quiet and peace. Calm becomes a daily tool we can add to our wheelhouse. Silence sharpens our stillness tools to rest and be replenished, with an ease to living in conflict situations, without anxiety.

Our inner world is full of calm loving-kindness that adds peace, joy and inner alertness regardless of disquieting challenges we face.


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