Words Walk Us into Kind or Crazy Worlds

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A young basketball player complained that teammates did not pass him the ball. He was correct, but only he could make the inner change needed to attract the ball his way. Sound like your life? Do you face failures that leave you powerless? Does a situation look hopeless, as it did to the basketball player.

What an unfortunate picture of each of us whenever we fall victim to failure, rather than rise to resilience! It’s often based on personal choice. How so? Consider the disappointed basketball player. He’d been signalling to fellow player, ‘Don’t expect me to catch and move the ball!”

In contrast, when challenged to position himself ready to toss a hoop, he caught teammates attention. Then when he signaled to any player with the ball that he was ready and open to receive that ball, only then did balls come flying to him again and again! Are we ready or reluctant? Powerful or powerless?

Our brains come equipped to either shut us down or propel us forward with every challenge we encounter, but we have to stand ready to receive the ball and then make a move to toss it into the hoop! Few balls will simply fly our way while we feel unfit or unprepared to move it forward in life.

Why feel powerless and hopeless when we can calm our inner critic and focus on moving ahead?

Yikes! We often feel overwhelmed and saddened by a divided and hateful community, nation and world! 

But luckily – we feel alive and part of a kinder solution when we take even the tiniest step toward a caring word or support in response to hatred.

When we and our elected leaders generate care or kindness rather than embrace cruelty or self-serving – we transform hatred into a more enviable world.

See how the brain chooses toxic and thriving settings with horrific or healthy outcomes! Our choice for today?

What choices will characterize our mental & emotional wellbeing today? For instance:
Why do we amplify a toxic world when we benefit and thrive most in a tender path forward? Mindset matters! Cynicism and its toxic cousins surge through minds and emotions to stunt our growth and truncate our joy and prosperity, when hatred wins or war of words rage. Agree?

Will we be surprised by joy today or bored by bullying?


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