Grace to Lighten Darkness, Deepen Love & Beautify

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Our inner lingo celebrates fun and favor, announcing delightful predictions to our brains and emotions, as grace-filled words harmonize goodness and guide us to live a fuller extravagance of life!

Sadly, our inner critic bullies us into depression and despair, in ways that block us from pools of agape grace, and hold us hostage in mental prisons of fear, anxiety and hopelessness.

Many agree that we polluted our communities with toxic language that sparked wars and conflict. Others claim more guns will make us safer to face the fury we’ve generated through hatred and revenge strategies. Some argue it is too late to alter the polarization caused by unhealthy forces!

That said, our brains come fully equipped to live grace! We can retool GRACE as a healing hologram with healthier directions forward! Imagine a 3-dimensional communication image formed by light’s penetrating beams from a higher power. Such agape grace inspirits a coherent and divine light source along a harmonizing path! Find yourself there?

If we access GRACE as our forward thinking force, we also forge many new directions listed below.

Which of the above 25 situations above finds you feeling down at this moment. How will you access a grace mindset to awaken loving-kindness, empathy, healing and hope in that situation?

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