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I’ve discovered GRACE as a real mindset yet a hidden energizing FORCE behind all we do, over a lifetime of research on our brains and spirits. Problems such as fear and panic can keep us in a state of constant crisis. We block our souls from loving relationship to God. A grace mindset nurtures relationships beyond religion, and that include cherished friendships with one another, beyond simply showing up. Solutions to our connection crisis are part spiritual, part emotional, and part mental. I all domains of spirit, moods and mind, a grace mindset change of direction could cause a seismic shift of significant growth for ourselves and  others around us.

Grace is a FORCE that comes from deep within our DNA. It’s the flywheel of a life that inspires us to motor on calmly when stress and anxiety strike back. All it takes to operationalize this miracle grace mindset is access and an awakening! Yet far too often we miss its potent!

Sadly, while we crave love, trust and purpose, far too often we get trapped and mired in care’s opposites!

Have you seen huge hikes in hate and mistrust online lately, or have you craved more kindness in your lived experiences? If so, you’ll be excited for this new book to bring practical tips, prompts & possibilities into accessing and awakening a life-changing mindset!

What’s your grace mindset FORCE and how will you access and awaken it today as a blessing to you and those around you?

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