Stop Skyrocketing Teen Suicides!

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Many of us know depression while far fewer foster delight! I’ve struggled with anxiety and battled discouragement as  far back as teenage years when my mom died in her 30’s and I found myself at 14, suddenly out on the street. Alone, without a penny I struggled against everyday stressors with the mental and emotional wellbeing you’d expect to find in a bag of rocks.

On my darker days, I found myself completely lost without any expectation for happiness, or stability. On brighter days, my already dwindling hope disappeared behind fleeting clouds of fate with intermittent ferocious blows from anger and despair.

My own early struggles and later solutions is precisely why I hold out hope for teens’ wellbeing, in spite of skyrocketing suicides reported by CDC. As a teen I often felt like survival was impossible for a scrawny kid so disadvantaged. Never mind any possibility of thriving against incredible odds.

A few secondary school teachers saw something in me worth cultivating, and even though they knew nothing of my situation. And over months their support and guidance added resilience that cracked the code of desperation, and changed my life forever. 

Without words to define it then, and a PhD later, I discovered how we can break the most potent patterns, that work against a mental and emotional resiliency. I learned a different approach to challenges can help us to reach our goals, fulfill our potential and thrive, in spite of setbacks.

Furthermore, without the frustration and exhaustion that characterized my upbringing, we can create calm out of chaos and help others to do the same.

In my new book, I illustrate how to build resiliency to not only survive but to thrive in a chaotic world.

Get your copy of the 2021 book, The Teens’ Growth Mindset Workbook, here, to discover your personal path to become the person you most wish to be.

Expect to enjoy exercises to rethink failure, embrace challenges, and achieve fabulous new goals!

  • Discover how to focus when we face distractions on page 30
  • Find study hacks to learn more in less time on page 40
  • Access inner kindness as strength against disappointment on p. 52
  • Learn new approaches and tips to organize and innovate on page 62
  • Gather usable communication tools to resolve conflicts on page 72
  • Enjoy the wonder of rewiring your brain more in your favor on page 90

And so much more … !

I am convinced we can address the current teen crisis of confidence, while at the same time we can learn to love the restoration process into more resiliency for daily challenges.

Pick up your copy of The Teens’ Growth Mindset Workbook, here, to discover your path to build lifelong dreams and help a teen start to build a finer future.

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