Our Fabulous Treasure Map

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One online review of my new book, The Teens Growth Mindset Workbook offered a metaphor that I’d have used to describe this work, had I thought of it! Treasure map! Yes, that is what I was after. Fifty years of research woven into a fun to use treasure map pf mental and emotional health!

The review stated: The Teens Growth Mindset Workbook is like a fabulous treasure map leading the way with timely and relevant prompts, quizzes and activities, enabling the reader to discover their own abilities to mentally and emotionally overcome real life daily challenges and create the solutions they need to reach their goals. The author’s voice is inspiring, understanding and encouraging, and the pace of the book works really well in building confidence and clear understanding of the different ways to shift from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset at every opportunity.”

Everything I’d hoped to accomplish with The Teens Growth Mindset Workbook is captured in that thoughtful review. It made me even more grateful for all those reviewers who take time to try and see a work for what its author intended to accomplish. A treasure map reflected that meaning in a review!

On the other side of treasured hopes and dreams for the work, lies a dreary reality that sparked it in the first place. Suicide is the third leading cause of death (after accidents and homicides) for 15 to 24 year olds, according to CDC.

Perhaps you too have met young people during this pandemic with depression feelings. Or met youth who suffer anxiety, hopelessness, lack of worth, or isolation. Any or all of these can increase the risk of suicide in teens or young adults.

Dangerous triggers also include conflicts with family or friends, problems at school. Have you seen it? Especially toxic for some include feelings of fear for their future, regrets for their past, or alienation from their present.

The Teens Growth Mindset Workbook is designed to awaken curiosity in fun, supportive, and adventurous ways. Every interactive exercise is placed there to cement new desires for their lives, and to help all teens, not only survive, but also to thrive!