Grow Your Mindset in New Book for Tough Times

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What if you could discover and benefit from tips to overcome enormous challenges that hit many of us during this persistent pandemic? Imagine the delight of unleashing a hidden ability that propels you beyond COVID barriers and frees up your potential to choose delight beyond concerns or chaos?

Build resilience and achieve your goals while COVID rages?

Word is that whole families are reading! This new book helps you pick yourself up again after dire disappointments. You’ll stop listening to those inner critics in your head that lead to despair. You’ll take time to chug through discouragement, and snap up lively lessons from slip-ups!

When I found myself out on the street, alone and without a penny at 14 after my mom died, life seemed far too hard, and pandemic hot spots in your life may feel overwhelming at times too.

After completing a PhD in mental and emotional growth, I taught teens, parents and leaders to grow into who they most wanted to become. Work took me to China, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Chile, Baffin Island, Canada, United States, and other far reaching areas where I learned as much as I led. Perhaps most surprising, was striking similarities I observed among struggling teens across cultures. Low self-worth and frequent fear of failure, looked scarily similar.

The real work begins with you as this timely workbook provides practice to lay gentler and kinder foundations that advance your best ideas into enormous potential for growth. Reach desired goals and you too can become more of the person you’d like to see alive and active in you.

What is a growth mindset anyway?

Imagine the ability to look past a daunting dilemma, and find open minded thinking with creative solutions that bounce you back after disappointments.That’s growth mindset and it’s cultivated when we take time to practice tips and takeaways this book offers.

This book helps you choose growth mindset approaches as your art and science of creative reactions. You’ll learn to recognize emotional cues, diffuse disappointments and access your healthier, more agile brain. You reinforce ability to find marvelous solutions and filter out irrelevant reactions that prevent your progress. You pierce common frustrations, such as stress or anxiety, to find instead fantastic bursts of creative insight

Experience revolutionary ways to flourish in these pages while you read, interact and hang in to leap over solid stepping-stones forward. Takeaway lessons to thrive. The workbook helps you to set and reach daily goals that lay stronger foundations upon which to build lifelong dreams.

Learn how you are smart in tough times?

Before you go on though, replace the question, “How smart am I?” with, “How am I smart?” Then get ready to hear in your head, sensational responses, beyond that annoying inner critic’s voice that says you cannot succeed during a pesky pandemic.

This book comes jam-packed with secrets to boost your brain, ignite motivation and lift your potential confidently! Along the way expect to stop judging yourself when daily slip-ups threaten to pop your balloon.

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