Cookies, Carrots and Clutter

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Given the choice do you choose to snack on cookies over carrots? If so, you’ll likely be surprised by stressful effects this choice has on your brain. We now know for instance, that our responses to daily stress, and everyday choices,  impact our ability to fight off and avoid anxiety and depression.

In the last few years, research studies show significant progress about how we can avoid stress by making growth mindset choices that benefit our mental and emotional health.

One brain based study, for instance, showed how we choose cookies when the kitchen is cluttered and chaotic. This study also showed we are more likely to choose healthy foods such as carrots when the kitchen is neat and orderly.

What happens however, when we ignore brain research, sidestep stress-free strategies and go (for cookies) with our gut?

Interestingly, the reason we often ignore facts handed to us by our working memory is that we make a habit of avoiding change and sticking to choices made from our basal ganglia go-to ruts.

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