Self Care for Bigger Ego?

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YIKES! Does self-care cause bigger egos and more conceit? Trolls say YES!

We know that emotional and mental health means self-care and inner kindness. And we recognize that a growth mindset means focus on possibilities rather than fixate on problems.

But can self-care become conceit and obsession with self?

Along with tolls – our inner critic also insists yes! You may be surprised, however, to see how a a brain on care surpasses one on conceit at every juncture. How so?

Self-absorption and conceit come from a fixed mindset, not a growth mindset. And we know that a fixed mindset inwardly loathes self and outwardly criticizes those who surpass our self-imposed (or fixed) limitations.

New Whiz Kid Comic Series!

First New Comic in a Whiz Kid Series!

You may remember the namungo characters described below. And meet Namu who is the composite of all six brain parts found in namungo gang.

Excited to finally share the NAMU and the NAMUNGO GANG in action that makes sense since they are fictional characters with real brain parts! Yes, they come with all the brain parts you bring to problems and possibilities!

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