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Grow Your Mindset in New Book for This Tough Time

Have you worried that life is passing you by while you’re stuck home alone? What if you could discover tips to overcome enormous challenges that have hit many of us during this persistent pandemic? Imagine the delight of unleashing a hidden ability that lifts you beyond COVID barriers that block… Read more »

Cookies, Carrots and Clutter

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Given the choice do you choose to snack on cookies over carrots? If so, you’ll likely be surprised by stressful effects this choice has on your brain. We now know for instance, that our responses to daily stress, and everyday choices,  impact our ability to fight off and avoid anxiety… Read more »

Self Care for Bigger Ego?

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YIKES! Does self-care cause bigger egos and more conceit? Trolls say YES! We know that emotional and mental health means self-care and inner kindness. And we recognize that a growth mindset means focus on possibilities rather than fixate on problems. But can self-care become conceit and obsession with self? Along… Read more »