Hack Humanity to Determine Destiny

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We inspire what goes well today by first securing our sense of genuine belonging. Where is our value unconditional? Where is worth ensured? When amazing worth transforms our inner core, destiny’s light house illumines our way to amazing heights. Have you experienced it? 

Regardless of where we stand, and in spite of past blunders that killed any ability to belong before, we start with self-appreciation and inner worth to align four core beliefs that determine destiny.

First, acknowledge inner worth through four refreshed filters.

What if … ?

Where to start … ?

How to tame … ?

Why connect …?

What if we ensure our environment and our physical fitness is also our happy place today by choice?

Where would we start to replace toxins with aha fuels that open our minds to leap forward by choice? 

How would we tame unruly moods and unlock refreshing emotions that determine life-changing choices?

Why connect to a power beyond our humanity as a harness to access our divine destinations?

Self care requires fearlessly accepting ourselves for who we are. It means we boldly desire others to change nothing.  It empowers us to judge none of our weaker areas, but to walk in empathy that silences shame in ourselves and others. No longer will perfectionism reduce us to humiliation and hopelessness that we are unworthy to love and be loved.

Whenever we hack our humanity to determine our destiny we grow equipped to love ourselves and others more. We tend to downplay past problems, in favor of infinite care and we access divine support for far wiser choices!