How Aware are You? A Quiz!

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Thomas Merton said,

“People may spend their whole lives climbing the ladder of success only to find, once they reach the top that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall.”

Don’t let the blind spots in others kill awareness in you!

What wall holds your ladder? Awareness, at its core, is a mindset conditioned to recognize the joy against which our ladder rests and joy is also the GPS guide to our success. It awakens us to grow and thrive through accurate knowledge and contented perspectives in four key areas of growth: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (or transcendental) growth.

Opposite personal awareness (or determination to become our authentic and joy filled self) lies stress, fear, hopelessness and angst, where we default to grow jaded by conspiracy theories, yield to cults, or sell our soul to empty promises. When jaded we tend to blame others for our inability to thrive.

Our best path toward inner awareness leads us to authentic treasures of a joyful growth mindset. Tools such as inner kindness will surface to enable us to overcome challenges we face along the way.

Physical Awareness – includes an ongoing diet and bodily fitness engineered for health and happiness. To determine your physical awareness complete the following by checking the one best response as Agree □ Possibly at times □ or, Disagree □

I am aware and confident in my physical strengths and consistently work toward improving any weaker areas that leave me less comfortable in my own skin.

Agree □   Possibly at times □    Disagree □

Mental Awareness – includes well informed facts and accurate perceptions that are fueled by the brain’s serotonin’s aha chemicals and evidenced in healthy judgments and well formed decisions that boost joy.

People often tell me, and I agree, that my decisions and judgements usually lead to a joyful and healthier place for all concerned.

Agree □   Possibly at times □     Disagree □

Emotional Awareness – includes accurate insights from within a tamed amygdala (or wheelhouse of our feelings) that controls steady and usually upbeat or hopeful and contented moods.

Those around us would agree that our moods tend to remain measured, even when others may panic or show anxiety over a difficulty that arises.

Agree □   Possibly at times □     Disagree □

Spiritual Awareness – includes knowledge of deep and lively beliefs tethered within a power and support for joy as a pilot light beyond our situations.

We tend to embrace a belief that power exists beyond self and is available to us in ways that support, understand, and guide us toward noble outcomes in most situations.

Agree □   Possibly at times □     Disagree □

In each of the four awareness zones: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (or transcendental), how do you grow and become even more perceptive?

How many Agree □ checks did you make? Give yourself 3 points for each item where you agreed. __12___/12

How many Possibly at times □ checks did you make? Give yourself 2 points for each item where you checked possibly at times. ___8__/12

How many Disagree □ checks did you make? Give yourself 1 points for each item where you disagreed. ___4__/12

First assign points (1, 2, or 3) to each of your responses. Finally, add all the points in your left column to receive your awareness quotient out of _____/12 possible points.

Would you agree that the best place to increase our awareness is to identify where we stand, and to try and increase our awareness in any areas where we are less perceptive? If so, your first step to greater awareness would be …?

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