A Time to Be Kind!

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Feeling overwhelmed by this lengthy pandemic? Have we lost love, gained worries, or felt as if we cannot make it to the next resting place, where we feel genuinely loved, simply for who we are?

If you feel discouraged, disappointed or downhearted, join those of us who’ve tried to tread water and are holding on to stay afloat during this long, dark night of our soul. Luckily, we can be there for one another. We can love! We can build kind communities of care, compassion and comfort!

Never before is it more vital to tell those around us we love them, in whatever language they can receive. It’s also time to take strength from those who find the courage and care to share kindness through love and understanding.

What does it mean to love and be loved during a difficult and isolating pandemic? Perhaps it starts with a clearer snapshot of what love really is, and what it can do to enhance our lives. Would you agree with Scott Adams that …

“There is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.”

Love means we fearlessly accept ourselves for who we are, we boldly desire others to change nothing, we judge none of our weaker areas, we expect no perfectionism from self or others. We love in ways that cover and care!

No wonder love covers all! No wonder fear is said to be the opposite of love! It takes courage and a clear determination to make the world a far better place, because we offer love that covers, heals and builds communities of compassion, to every human we encounter.

Only #love and kindness replaces hate and violence. We replace fear and anger with deliberate choice for care and compassion. Our conflicts fade and innovative solutions arise from within when we act kindly! It’s physiology! Brains cannot fuel cortisol and serotonin at the same time! Cortisol leads to war. Serotonin leads to lasting peace and prosperity. Both war tactics and peace plans continually show the evidence of our choices!

Let’s build the power of love into more real and generous experiences, than the love of power! Imagine the wonder we could generate today, for all creation across an eternity!

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