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Brain Response to Terror

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Overwhelmed with hate groups, hate speech, hate-related grudges, and endless threats from hate, we reach into our experiences and core beliefs to answer a turnaround question. Is our notion of LOVE really LOVING if we or others around us don’t feel its energy for good? A followup question … Why… Read more »

From Difficulties to Inner Delight?

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Things may not get easier on their way to getting better, but even on difficult days growth and goodness are reflected in wonder, wisdom and a new song sung by vespers that evening!   YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the… Read more »

Echoes from My Deck Swing

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When we pause to repeat and reverberate the fierce wonder and beauty in a sunrise, we embed its original reflections deep within to strengthen another new day! A sunrise flashes by barely touching us unless we pause in its presence, stay with its beauty, and live its light throughout our… Read more »