Get on Board with Boredom

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Some say boredom is a good thing. Others say monotony or tediousness is as dull as it gets. I say it can be both or neither. Our brain shows boredom as possibly good at times, and also clearly bad at other times. What makes the difference and how do our brain chemicals fuel good on some occasions and horrific at other times. How so?

Our brains and our choices hold boredom’s destiny

See in my new book, an extensive discussion of boredom we all feel at times. Check out monotony cohorts in calamity and decide for yourself what would walk you away from cliff-side edges of danger and what draws you nearer to new and cutting edges of adventure. No need to change jobs or pack in life with your partner to avoid the kind of boredom that kills. Instead, discover how to replace boredom’s fuels with new energizing choices.

It’s Almost Here – EXCITING NEW Mental and Emotional Handbook with 50 -Day – Guide – to Fun Daily Brain Based Tools that Reduce Anxiety and Awaken AWE during a Pandemic! COMING SOON at this site

Enjoy this daily guide! Walk away from anxiety with fun brain based tools!

Enjoy the journey away from cranky responses and crabby stressors. Walk away from chaos into a refreshing emotional calm – in spite of difficult times.

You’ll find 50 fun tools that turn cranky into kind, and gunner into giver!

Excerpt below from tool 2 of the guide’s 50 tools:

Our brains constantly forge tenacious links with life situations that connect us to either healthy or toxic forces. Discover how we link inadvertently through semantics to toxic images, and fear takes hold we open floodgates to anxiety.

The brain stores toxic anxiety-building triggers whenever we fail communication opportunities, and for many of us that occurs daily. Toxins such as fear prevent awesome relationships and fun adventures our brains can offer us if we make a few essential tweaks to our own and others’ love language.


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