Strike Back at Stress in Semantics!

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Our individual creativity often sparks by contact with diverse people. Yet that same spark lights against us when we misread others’ love language or use semantics that foster frustration rather than communicate care to those around us.

With correct love language diversity can spark creativity

What language does it take to leave those who differ more appreciated and ourselves more victors than victims?  It’s likely a matter of valuing and learning to use different love languages if we are to avoid anxiety and sidestep rejection in our communications with those who differ. It could be a family member, colleague or even a good friend.

Who’d willingly throw stress at those we care for? Yet anxiety literally escalates when we use our preferred love language and withhold caring semantics preferred by those we love.

Dr. Gary Chapman names five different ways of loving those around us. Watch for my soon to publish TpT book titled:

If we desire closer connections with family, friends, co-workers and others we care about, we’ll want to grow confidence to communicates in a way that effectively loves and feels loved.

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Our brains constantly forge tenacious links with life situations that connect us to either healthy or toxic forces. Discover how we link inadvertently through semantics to toxic images, and fear takes hold we open floodgates to anxiety.

The brain stores toxic anxiety-building triggers whenever we fail communication opportunities, and for many of us that occurs daily. Toxins such as fear prevent awesome relationships and fun adventures our brains can offer us if we make a few essential tweaks to our own and others’ love language.


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