Pandemic Panic or Grace to Survive?

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This pandemic clearly has messed with our minds and the sheer panic we feel can leave us anxious and alone. Fear points to the underbelly of disasters such as the CONVID19 pandemic that locks us away from freedom and loving connections. So it’s no surprise we panic and try to hide from life itself.

Glance back over time however and we see enormous light to walk beyond World War I where 20 million people perished yet faith and a grace mindset marshaled humanity in a march forward to overcome.  

Backtrack to 1918 and fear reminds us again that a horrid Spanish Flu epidemic struck our world with 50 million people dead over two years. Grace and faith prevailed there too and life edged past that epidemic’s destruction just as it holds our health secure today.

When fear looks into the 1930s we see the Great Depression where unemployment spiked to 25% while our global GDP sunk 27%. We read about tragedy over three years when our national hopes nearly collapsed alongside our global economy. Only by grace and faith our world survived it all.

Love completely paid for by divine perfection, not ours

It can be argued that fear walked us straight into World War II, only to see 75 million people perish in battle there. Faith kept us strong in these human-led disasters too, even after we fell to fearful effects of the Korean War where 5 more million people perished.

What belief would you stake life on?

As if in a tug of war for minds, fear pulled us into its dark side during a 20 year long Vietnam War which claimed 2 million dead in its horrific wake. Faith and grace emerged yet again and offered our next steps forward in spite of uncertain times.

Faith met humanity head on once more when we found ourselves led into the Cuban Missile Crisis, pivoting onto the Cold War and threatened to be destroyed with our entire planet. Grace and faith pivoted back and prevented that final doom. No wonder we can sing with delight that agape love lives on today with extravagant ability to heal us from ravages such as the Vietnam War and any other intermittent threats that continually try to destroy our humanity.

Rather than fear tragic outcomes of coronavirus, it’s far more enlightening to hone our belief on the sure-footed fact that grace and faith ensure survival of an amazing world where God’s love reigns and his hands heal each of us. Rather than curse the darkness, we can light a candle today because of grace and faith that holds our hand with agape love once again as we and our world find finer fields.

For each of us, grace mindset steps us today again toward the calmer meadows of healing faith. We are being carried past this present pandemic panic so that we will again soon be surprised by joy. History proves that divine faithfulness!

This pandemic may have messed with our minds and the sheer panic we feel may leave us frazzled. Fortunately though, there are two parallel channels playing at the same time. Yes, we can shift over to an amazing grace mindset channel to hear and follow doable and delightful news.

On public channels fear points to the underbelly disasters of the CONVID19 pandemic. On grace mindset channels, grace and faith point powerfully to delightful alternatives. Faith and grace offer doable doses that impact our next moment and our eternal existence, with gifts of freedom and wonder far beyond mere survival.  

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