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Angst or AWE? 50 Power Tools for Stress-free Days

Slogging through the mire during this difficult pandemic? Discover 50 brain based ways to cope better than you expect! Come back daily for another tool, see how I used it to reboot my day, and share your attempts. This blog includes the first 10 anxiety-buster tools and will be followed… Read more »

Kindness as Chemical Fix

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Kindness can stomp out stress or sadness much like pain killers wipe away headaches. Luckily we can increase our kindness quotient to ensure we avoid chemical toxins and amp up emotional and mental health. Kindness becomes a chemical mood changer when it leaves another person more appreciated and ourselves more… Read more »

Pandemic Panic or Grace to Survive?

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This pandemic clearly has messed with our minds and the sheer panic we feel can leave us anxious and alone. Fear points to the underbelly of disasters such as the CONVID19 pandemic that locks us away from freedom and loving connections. So it’s no surprise we panic and try to… Read more »