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Transfer by doing – Roundtable 30

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Ask the lecturer in this video and he will say he engages listeners.  He might even go on to suggest today’s audiences expect too much, stress without cause, and give too little. Ask listeners though, and they usually support these 100 brainbased reasons to run hard from lectures! Doing a… Read more »

Trust building with oxytocin – Roundtable 29

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Trust building’s much like juggling alligators. Both take courage to face frightening challenges and both can cotton together beliefs into skills from our mental tools. Take trust between family members and seniors. A senior’s power of autonomy and trust is robbed if we say, “I’ll decide for you,” and trust… Read more »

Brains on sarcasm or humor – Roundtable 28

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Circles run on sarcasm add toxins to all, while humor helps our collective IQ. Our brains differ deeply on the use of humor and sarcasm. How so? Imagine a learning or leading circle not tethered to past sarcasms that exclude some, but freer with humor that benefits all! Build mental… Read more »

Tone tools for Leaders – Roundtable 27

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What tone have you used or observed that helps us take topics to a deeper level where differences help us all learn more? It takes turning personal feels into tone skills for growth! If you’ve ever enjoyed a hot discourse – with respectful insights on opposite sides, you’ll see how… Read more »

Flee toxic chemicals – Roundtable 26

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What helps you to flee toxic chemicals that hold us back or create stress that stalls our progress? Give yourself 1 point for each correct survey score. Did you score below 20 points on the Workplace Survey? Then what if we tossed a brain based solution into action each month… Read more »

Mistakes as stepping stones – Roundtable 25

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What did you learn from a past mistake that will ensure a future success? Thomas A. Edison nailed the value of learning from mistakes when he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” The best way to learn is to make mistakes, learn from… Read more »

Bully-proof a brain – Roundtable 24

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Can we bully-proof our brains? Or can we help others who are being bullied to do the same? Teach our brains to remove the oxygen from mistreatment, and we pound a clear path for surprisingly freer steps forward. Whether we feel spurned by a former friend or slammed online by… Read more »

Meta -message toxins – Roundtable 23

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If we say we’re sorry when we’re not, we store mentally harmful meta-messages that work against relationships. Have you noticed  people who speak meta-messages that leave victims running for escape hatches? You begin to question flaws between their lines because what you hear is not what the speaker means. How… Read more »

Copycat brains – Roundtable 22

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Have you considered the magic of our brain’s copycat parts, or its mirror neurons? I’m referring to the mimicking equipment that works to take on or copy what we see and hear around us. If you could look into your brain while it works – you’d likely live differently. You’d… Read more »

Rewire brains – Roundtable 21

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Mindful choices we make, such as moving away from past fears and toward freedom to act courageously in the moment, determine the rewiring of our brains. If we are bullied or intimidated by cynics, our brains tend to affirm related dread and everyday stressors become threats as a result. Fear… Read more »