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Innovative Mindset – Roundtable 40

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Why not identify a personal change you’d like to make, and then let’s consider together how to get there? People tend to join in and innovate faster if we ask questions they’d most like to answer. What problem lies in your way at the moment so that you feel unable… Read more »

Smart skills – Roundtable 39

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Expect agility to follow when we combine hard and soft skills to lead change for the 21st Century. Agile learners develop smart skills to build flexible and resourceful communities, where problems get solved and people find support.  It’s more than hard or soft skills, yet it builds a learning community… Read more »

Lead change past sexism – Roundtable 38

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When I think of growing gender equity, I think of Brene Brown’s caution that: “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” To let go and act authentically is also to embrace equity among all humans.” If… Read more »

Cortisol chemical dangers – Roundtable 37

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Listen to angry rhetoric or cruel name-calling and you are hearing a brain fueled by dangerous stress chemicals, that block emotional wellbeing. Walk alongside a person facing loss, and we see enough sorrow, stress and regret to shut us down completely. Have you been there? Toxins we take on daily… Read more »

Overcome DNA – Roundtable 36

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The future of mental health longevity is already here! Our DNA can be improved upon by a potent protein called Kinase A. Why does it matter? How many people have told us that a day like mother’s day leaves them sad, lonely, or even hopeless? And for many of those… Read more »

Drugs past brokenness – Roundtable 35

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Most of us walk into tough places, where drugs can help us past our brokenness. Luckily our brain’s pharmaceutical stockpiles come well equipped to handle most of the tussles life sends. Our role is to access and use these for optimum benefits. Easier said than done, many argue, and I… Read more »

Reduce stress – Roundtable 34

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Rarely have we struggled against more anxiety and stress and without adult models to help them reduce stress, our youth are especially in need. It’s the perfect time to respond with social strategies and emotional boosts that toss cheer and hope back into our day! But how? What can we… Read more »

Diversity and brainpower – Roundtable 33

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To build a diverse community is to experience its propensity for wellbeing and prosperity. Why do leaders settle for compromise rather than lead for growth? Recently we watched national leaders lose what could have been a life-changing opportunity for world class growth. Sadly, they settled for gridlock with compromise at… Read more »

Curiosity reboots brains – Roundtable 32

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Each moment we’re interested in the process of breathing we’re training ourselves in curiosity. (Ed Halliwell) At their best, our brains bring us an authentic awareness. They come brimming over with a zest for wonder and a curiosity that awaits our cultivation. Curiosity teaches my two grandchildren and me to… Read more »

Creativity risk or regret – Roundtable 31

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If we agree with Sir Ken Robinson that creativity gets clobbered at school and work, we’ll likely also agree it takes risks to ignite and infuse a more creative future. It also takes a very different kind of support and intelligence-fair performance reviews for facultyas well as tests for students,… Read more »