Copycat brains – Roundtable 22

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Have you considered the magic of our brain’s copycat parts, or its mirror neurons? I’m referring to the mimicking equipment that works to take on or copy what we see and hear around us.

If you could look into your brain while it works – you’d likely live differently. You’d watch people you’d like to emulate more, and live more ethical tips from empathetic people with positive perspectives. Simply put – you’d capitalize on more magic from your mirror neurons! How so?

Observe happy or positive faces and your brain is sent messages into its limbic system for well-being stirred in your own brain. Dynamite research surprises even the experts. Check out this video on mirror neurons to see how a place in your brain comes equipped to mimic other people’s feelings or reactions.

You can literally adopt another person’s point of view without recognizing the transition – all because of your mirror neurons. Or you may merely dance – because your mental mimicking kicks in like this video shows. Does that suggest to be mindful of your company?

Interestingly, brain waves that reflect mirror change for people with autism. How so? Whereas regular brains move the same brain waves when a person does a thing as when that person watches a thing, that’s not so with autistic people.

Mirror neurons show how culture comes from imitation – and the video illustrates how we watch and mirror the culture others live. Deep inside your brain cells you are neurons that will fire in reaction to another’s emotions or activity. See new roots for compassion as it plays out in people’s lives? Wonder why even sports fans act out what they observe? It’s mirror neurons.

Consider the magic of mirror neurons when choosing friends

If you’re interested in hiring more empathetic workers, for instance,  you’d likely also be interested in new research that tracks empathy neurons in people’s brains with startling revelations.

Can you imagine having the ability to gather empathetic teams who integrate designs from art with the precision of top science? Follow the recorded actions of these 286 individual neurons identified … and watch empathy’s wonder work to influence and teach as never seen before. What an amazing discovery that could enrich an era where problem solving across traditional disciplines could also work at the peaks with artists.

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