What do you believe? Roundtable 1

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Our mindset or beliefs change what we do in any moment and determine our options to succeed going forward. A mindset is fluid, not fixed and so we can grow new or adjusted beliefs that better fit goals we set in any day. For this reason, the connection between belief and brain, gets us ready for an exciting new series of interactive roundtables. A coach, leader or teacher who believes in brain based facts, for instance, tends to avoid delivery of facts in favor of interactive learning that aligns with participants’ mental ability to learn.

Just as professional beliefs impacts action, so also do personal beliefs. Because faith and brain research form my background, for instance, I’ll use a grace mindset sample to show how our roundtable 1 works at a personal level. Please note that our mindsets and backgrounds will differ – and that is good! Simply substitute your variations instead of my experiences to apply your perfect ingredients for adventure, growth and sheer fun! The roundtable series draws on our different beliefs and on our unique brains, so enjoy a dinner dialogue as you build an interactive, brain based and caring community.

This first of 60 roundtables zeros in on belief as one unique tool we use to expand and strengthen our personal intelligence. Participants will share insights from 59 additional topics listed below.

Back to roundtable 1 with an opportunity to examine beliefs and grow intrapersonal IQ. One key belief that arose in our first gathering was forgiveness as necessary for deep or lasting relationships. See below how a core belief held about visible grace at the center of our faith, for instance, tends to wire our brain for a lived experience of that same belief.

Simply stated: Each time we shift or adjust a belief, and then act on the newly identified insights, our brains change and rewire themselves for more of the same change in our actions. Consider a shift we make in faith, for instance, to gain a deeper understanding of grace as divine compassion without judgments.

Great news, there’s new mercy again this morning, and you can start a new dialogue dinner on brains and belief in your faith circle. I challenged mine with the question, “Are you benefiting from mercy filled with unconditional love, tangible support and unmerited grace?” If not, maybe that’s because it’s also a time when our world faces a seismic shift in how we work, play, relate, believe, and build community together. A central question we’ll discuss over dinner together is, “How does a lived experience of God’s amazing grace become our custom navigator on any day?” I’ll give you a hint. It’s not about trying harder, or working more!

Over dinner we’ll apply newly discovered facts about our awesome brains as tangible tools to build a grace mindset community. We’ll get to issues of faith that supersede issues of religion. If participants are curious about amazing grace as a lived experience or about practical mental takeaways related to our brains and beliefs – they are invited do join our dinner dialogue.

Folks are welcome to bring a friend or partner to break bread and dialogue with us. We’ll expect agape love and human brainpower connections in discussions that equip us for fun new opportunities packed full of God’s desire for each of us. Dinner is provided and we are ready to go.

We build caring communities by acting on core beliefs we hold about how we care well for others. It’s not about pushing for any one belief at these interactive roundtables, but more about supporting people’s beliefs as useful tools to help face challenges. Rather than fall for negative energy that can snuff out curiosity for growth mindset opportunities, our shared beliefs such as a grace mindset, helps us to reboot our brains for fun and rejuvenation.

Looking for practical tools to move your circle beyond passivity or negative energy?

This tool is available on my TpT site

Discover below how to join my roundtables, or launch your own brain based event. Apply key details here, and the rest is fun as diverse participants break bread together and build on one another’s curiosity. Toss in my first two-footed question below to awaken new levels of intrapersonal or intuitive IQ. Then facilitate each participant in a vibrant roundtable discussion where all learn and all teach one another in fun back-and-forths. Draw on personal experiences and on the brain tip provided below grows intrapersonal IQ in that domain.

Lived beliefs form the core of our intrapersonal IQ

At these fun roundtables, expect guests to come with different beliefs, and to takeaway extraordinary tactics never before used to conquer challenges never before resolved. Then stay tuned for further two-footed questions and additional brain tips for your next, or second roundtable event.

You bring food, drinks & facilitation. Guests add curiosity.
Use above suggestions or craft your own details here

How we speak to one another when we differ about issues, will determine how we reboot civility again and again. See below what a brain on kindness looks like:

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