Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset?

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Whenever we speak up and feel heard we tend to open opportunities to learn from and support one another. It takes diverse circles to build a growth mindset across differences though. That’s if you expect tangible benefits to follow.

If our circles fail to open safe possibility places for diverse participants, we risk slipping into a fixed mindset rut.  Have you been there? Unless we engage brain parts for growth choices, we will miss new adventures that benefit all. How so?

Mindfulness tools focus on people’s unique talents and abilities to grow together for mutual benefit.

That’s why our Mita Celebrations provide mindful opportunities to try out and celebrate newly created solutions. Start with an idea that generates passion, ask a simple question and expect possibilities to follow!

A Mita Celebration fosters wonder and curiosity in all participants so that people discover more of what they enjoy and less of what they resent. When we welcome risks for new adventures we downplay broken practices that hold us back, by default.

1. Toss a question into the ring such as one Rotary Club posed, How can boomers and millennials begin to benefit one another more at gatherings? 

2. Target a prime growth area to work on, in order to benefit both age groups in your next Rotary meeting. For instance, you might host a luncheon where you solicit diverse ideas on a shared service project between millennials and boomers.

3. Brainstorm together to create specific outcomes expected, and then look for evidence of these qualities as observable traits in their shared project.

4. Move mental resources into action by embracing an offering that all participants bring from their multiple intelligences. Why not start with an intelligence survey, and then invite people to add a suggestion to enhance your process based on their strengths. In addition to multiple intelligences, these namungos also illustrate mental resources that build mindfulness within any group.

5. Finally, reflect for ongoing and innovative progress through a question such as, Where to from here?” Look beyond the problem you face to propose possibilities you can ponder.

Can you visualize transformational opportunities  in  a Mita celebration of innovation to transform your situation? If so, you’ll want to pose your own umbrella question to spawn a mindful process forward, using tools laid out here.

Looking to roll out materials to lunch a Mita celebration of Innovation among those you coach, collaborate with or lead?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset