Retreat where Faith Meets Mindfulness and Grace Becomes Lived Experience

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Do crushing demands of your life seem never ending?  Do you try hard yet simply cannot manage it all?  Does an ordinary day leave you feeling like you’re just not smart enough, talented enough or motivated like people around you?  What if you don’t have to work so hard, or sweat the small stuff to attain far more satisfaction, even delight in spite of a difficult day?

On that note, here’s a heartfelt invitation to join highly interactive conversations in a relaxing retreat setting with Darlene Schindel and me at Mulhurst Camp. In our current crisis of connections to find love within and beyond ourselves we look to surprising solutions in both spirit and mind.

On April 26th to 28th we’ll explore rewired brains and awakened grace as practical supports for new era solutions. Register here to discover agape love as your lived experience, with life-changing takeaways. Expect to encounter grace as God’s infinite FORCE and our divine superpower gift.

We’ll discover together how intersections of grace, unconditional favor, and brainpower, prompt key questions to awaken both in your support. Religion offers us a spectator’s seat at a royal wedding, while grace fills our relationships with unconditional love for an eternity.

Furthermore, we can reboot our brains and awaken grace. You’ll also be happy to know that all retreat rooms are private. You’ll leave the retreat rested and refreshed, ready to hit the ground running with delightful brain-based and grace-filled practices the following day. 

Spaces are limited as retreat participants continue to register

Come expecting to discover the lived experience of amazing grace custom fitted to improve your situation. We’ll explore interactively for instance, questions such as:

In the video below, are key brain facts and grace-related realities central to our interactive exchanges. Together we’ll discover how to boost our brains and awaken grace as a lived experience. We’ll enjoy tangible takeaways that add new zip to balance our busy lives, and meaning to rejuvenate even the most ordinary days.

YOUR TURN! Join our Brain Based Circles! Would love to meet you at any of the following!

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