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Nurse Crisis Calls for Mindful Alert!

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Many heroic nurses who help us all survive medical challenges, currently faceĀ  increasing barriers to wellbeing in their field. Remember when Barak Obama’s youngest child suffered Meningitis and he raved about nursing care that restored her health? Now, just a few years later the entire nursing profession as we’ve valued… Read more »

25 Facts to Rejuvenate Your Well-being

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Imagine brain boosters that would rock your day, raise your IQ and remind you of endless new possibilities open to you! Mental quotes to motivate you. Discover lesson planner with built-in daily brain boosters!

Re-imagining learning communities that cultivate curiosity and foster fewer fears!

Does your community cultivate curiosity or foster fears that drown innovation? Brain based games work especially well here! No question, curiosity is central to learning. Problems arise though, when investigation and discovery fall too far from center at school. Without curiosity’s driving fuel, students and teachers appear instead to foster… Read more »

8 Brainy Gifts at Christmas

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It’s Christmas for some and other winter holiday for other — a time for giving! It’s also recession for many – a time for surviving! So how can we give generously without losing our shoes in the process? Few would deny that when people give freely from the heart, everybody… Read more »