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Mutual Mentoring where All Learn, Teach, and Lead

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Does mentoring work for you in ways that value both mentors and apprentices? Does an age gap matter? Do people wend their diverse ways together into deeper understanding of new era skills? In traditional mentorship teams I’ve asked mentors and apprentices across several countries if questions emerge such as, How… Read more »

Curiosity that Lifts Contentment

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Each moment we’re interested in the process of breathing we’re training ourselves in curiosity. (Ed Halliwell) At their best, our brains bring us an authentic awareness. They come brimming over with a zest for wonder and a curiosity that awaits our cultivation. Curiosity teaches my two grandchildren and me to… Read more »

Valued Secrets of Introverts Unleashed

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Highlight the inner secrets of those termed “introverts,” and we’ll likely toss in wisdom from deep inner truths worth adding! New insights into intelligence helps us identify and repair incorrect notions of an introvert’s assets. If we replace two myths about those who favor deep inner reflections, we begin to… Read more »