Build Your Valentine IQ in a Caring Community

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Looking for a way to amp up kindness, build skills for inclusion  and celebrate kids love for Valentine Day?

Since the opposite of exclude is include – and the best place to learn is a caring community – then Valentine’s Day’s the perfect event to include teens in fun activities that shout care and delight for all. Imagine a party that even withdrawn teens love to attend!

Emphasize the benefits from all and to all …

Challenge students to complete for fun, by asking: How can you win a prize?

Then, show fun approaches that students can all –

  1. Do each of the 6 challenges for a different person in the poster below.
  2. Share stories of what you did for each and what response followed.
  3. Collect your prize if you completed all 6 Valentine IQ tasks within one week.

Did I just say prize? Yes, decide on a prize for your group and then bring people together to share specific evidence for all six challenges. The prize might be free time in class, a group party, or a creative invention of the group.

In reality we win higher levels of serotonin (the brain’s well being chemical) when we do these things for others, and build community together in this way! Hear a song about how it works when the brain’s in love! Does that sound like brains ready to learn and live? If so – enjoy – and let us know how you and your learning circle built Valentine IQ in preparation for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Looking for additional Valentine tasks for your ELA class?  Students especially enjoy this Neruda Poetry Writing Resource and other ready-to-roll brain based lessons at this TpT Site. Sq JPEG - Neruda

Would you agree that we sometimes give Valentines to the wrong people? How so?

Why we give valentines to the wrong people.

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset