What Question Would Animate Your Holiday Table?

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Have you seen the wonder created when you ask questions that others love to answer? Questions can animate a holiday gathering and bring different people together mindfully around questions that evoke curiosity and wonder.

Choose one or more of the following questions to stoke wonder at your holiday gathering:

1. What role did this holiday play in your youth that still inspires you today?

2. What one personal strength does nobody here know about you?

3. What’s the finest gift you received over the past year that did not cost money?

4. If you could start one new tradition to celebrate this holiday, what would that be?

5. If you could remove all stress from this holiday, what would you do?

6. What do you like others to most appreciate about you?

7. How would you show another person that you really heard them?

8. What brainy insight would you like to give a world leader inspired by this holiday?

9. How would you use this holiday to inspire peace and resolve a conflict?

10. What image from this holiday inspires you most and how so?

11. What’s your favorite song in this season and why so?

12. What legacy would you like others to see in you, related to this holiday?

13. How would you reshape this holiday to make it fun for all?

14. What could you learn about yourself and about this holiday from a younger person?

15. What one word best defines this holiday for you and how so?

16. How would you advise a discouraged friend to get more benefit from this holiday?

17. What one strong opinion do you hold about this holiday?

18. What about your background helps you appreciate this holiday more?

19. What question would people at your holiday gathering most like to answer?

Cross-cultural and cross-generation dialogue are especially fun and productive if you have brain-friendly critical thinking tools!

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