Reboot Mentally to Lead Innovation with the Brain in Mind

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You’d have to have the brain of a coconut husk to miss daily news that our communities are slipping into dangerous crisis. Yet we question at times, if we have any offering against such national odds as opioids, shrinking public purse, or aging support groups such as Rotary that will need to attract younger leaders if they are to carry our torch in ways that ensure wellbeing for future generations. What one improvement would you propose to help to lead innovative improvements to a problem you see?

Innovation that benefits

Our daily actions literally lead to kindness or killing, yet we too often rewire our brains for more of the same bad habits or ruts by default. It doesn’t have to be that way. Sobering as it seems, we physiologically and mentally wire and rewire our brains daily for or against the change we crave in our broken world. How so?

Dr. Norman Doidge states in his book, The Brain that Changes Itself that the US literally wired an entire nation’s brain for war, for example.  It’s also true that others propose robust peace that blasts goodwill, not bullets, whenever conflicts arise. What do you say?

Fact is – the brain uses different equipment for facilitating innovative resolutions across differences, than it uses for doing the same things in the same way, using the same outmoded assumptions. It doesn’t have to be that way.

On a personal level, what if your brain could help you sidestep anger, revenge and panic? On a community level, what if a mind-bending innovation rewired new truth that was fair for all concerned. Worth a change of mind?

Enter six namungos – or fictional characters, with real brain parts that show how brains lead innovative improvements to replace toxins with true benefits for all concerned. How so?

Brains can Rewire with Innovative Solutions that Benefit All

Namungos offer 6 surefire ways to lead innovation forward ~

Basil GangliaPNGtransparent

BAS @ 2017 Ellen Weber

1. BAS stores good habits that help people build goodwill – such as showing empathy for those who differ. Good habits such as welcoming all store and become practices easily retrieved when differences arise.

Welcoming choices help us bypass the brain’s pack-rat basal ganglia which warehouses ruts such as revenge like squirrels stockpile nuts in winter. It’s about choice. Choose comfortable revenge stored in BAS, or step into finer habits that open doors into peaceful ventures? Those aware of BAS ditch angry basal ganglia responses faster and run with robust peace practices that surprise with delight.

@ 2016 Ellen Weber

SERO @ 2017 Ellen Weber

2. SERO fuels laughter at silly mistakes you and others make so that confidence is built along with expectation to do better in the next run through. SERO can be raised in several observable ways that help you at every stage to cultivate wellbeing and foster wonder with every new step.

By now – you likely know that serotonin – the brain’s wellbeing chemical – packs new zest when we laugh off mistakes. Get others laughing too and serotonin sends its magic across an entire room.

@ 2016 Ellen Weber

PLAS @ 2017 Ellen Weber

3. PLAS literally reshapes your brain for more peace and less panic when you disrupt a tired habit with a finer upshot.  How so? Watch PLAS change your brain for less frustration, when you simply ask, What if…? and then act on new approaches that benefit you and others in similar measures. Take even one extravagant step to risk peaceful solutions, for instance and tether hope into a resolution that benefits all.

Your plasticity (the brain’s ability to change itself) reshapes after each peaceful action you risk and then do. Yes – it takes action! You grow more brainpower with each peaceful move to offset warring dangers.

4. WM works in your favor when you jot down innovative facts or tips learned from others you admire. Add hints and insights to show how you’ll lead an innovative solution  next time you meet conflict. Expect to forget even the best innovative ideas, if not applied, because your working memory acts like a computer’s copy-paste file. How so?

@ 2016 Ellen Weber

WM @ 2017 Ellen Weber

When new facts to gain peace fly in from any current idea encountered, your brain’s thimble sized capacity for peacemaking facts gets displaced. Outsource working memory wonder by creating cheat sheets of peaceful tactics you will try to act on.


CORT @ 2017 Ellen Weber

5. CORT attacks those who fail to tackle toxins or challenge people who spread them. To avoid CORT’s toxins, offer an innovative proposal and help to improve a thing so that all benefit. What do cortisol toxins trigger? CORT says it best.

Cortisol is the brain’s toxic stress chemical – and it packs a sucker punch to all who vent, rage, regret, gloat, or nay-say. Get yourself and others proposing mental make-overs wherever you spot snags and those flawed moves will fade as cortisol decreases. The brain’s surefire path from vents to innovative solutions is to propose a possibility that resolves a problem with benefits for all – across people’s differences.

6. MYG leaves you emotionally stuck in untamed modes unless you amp up emotional IQ when stress stirs you up. Some call it taming your amygdala which is the brain’s seat of emotions. Why should you refuse to settle for an untamed MYG when toxins emerge?

@ 2016 Ellen Weber

MYG @ 2017 Ellen Weber

MYG stands for your amygdala – the brain’s storehouse that stockpiles every kind shout out you make for a peer, every thanks you offer a neighbor or colleague, every smile you flash to a coach or mentor! A tamed amygdala sets the stage for life-changing peaceful takeaways  in ways that get you more bang for every emotional buck. Worth a shot?

Ready to rock more brainpower for your next challenge?

Will you become one of the few who facilitate innovative benefits through brain based tactics? If so, expect to rock electrifying opportunities that may well remain hidden unless awakened through mindfully innovative moves. How so?

Hangout with people who differ and highlight your mental achievements together with an interactive celebration of innovation where all learn and all teach for instance and engage others in disruptive innovations? My leadership groups and grad students use the unique 10-step mutual mentoring process to ensure namungo innovative benefits to all, regardless of their developmental levels.

In this brief namungo video  see mental assets namungos could bring to help transform your next possibility beyond a problem into benefits for all concerned.

What will you do today to awaken innovative minds and lead fresh approaches that benefit all? How might a numungo or fun fictitious character with real brain parts, help you become a innovational leader?

Secondary students especially benefit from innovative strategies that lower stress and release their growth mindset here! At my TpT site  is a student ready resource that  is designed to boost morale and lower stress – to raise learning opportunities in spite of differences.

Your turn …

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