Will Today Change You or Inspire Others in New Directions?

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Does change ever shake you to your core? Moving from a holiday back to work? Away from or closer to people you love? From one job or career interest to another? Let’s face it, change can either debilitate us or rejuvenate us.

Time treasures

A few weeks ago my darling daughter invited me to move closer to her family in Alberta, Canada.  Moved deeply by my much beloved daughter’s kind invitation, the thought of a trek from New York to Western Canada fired up a sudden series of emotions that tossed my stomach around like clothes wildly tumble in a dryer.

One day turned my dials to sad at the thought of leaving my cozy home and beloved friends I’d planned to retire around. Then, every thought of my kids and grandkids instantly flipped my inner thermostat back to delight. For weeks, the back-and-forth prospects of moving, selling, downsizing, uprooting and rebuilding overwhelmed me as if I’d planned to slog to an outer planet with lifetime treasures piled onto my back, and uncertainty dizzying my mind.

At times like this we turn to one kindred spirit to remain on a lighted path forward. Have you confided in such a trusted friend to rediscover balance and wonder after the mental shock stress stokes?

I have, and today, I see again the potency of NOW! I’m thinking of time as valuable currency here. How so?

To worry about house sales or lack of whatever you think you need but lack, opens the front door to a stress-driven day. To fret about an unknown future is the surefire way to push perilous toxins into action in ways that limit your choices and increase chemicals for debilitating stress.

The pathway beyond anxieties converges us with mindfulness with time takes its place as valued treasure.  Another way to say it, is a pathway forward follows when we “focus on NOW.” For me that means savoring the final adventures here today in New York, rather than worrying about the house selling or feeling overwhelmed as the move to Alberta nears.

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