Expect Brains to Begin Your New Term!

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Remember when you walked into that new class with huge expectations that tossed and tumbled exciting expectations in your tummy? Imagine a class that takes full advantage of the brain’s propensity to leap into the novelty of a new challenge with brain based tools that benefit all.

Looking to convert more brains into student benefits? Teach your first week as if every student was a genius – then hold a crown over their heads and help them grow into it over the entire term.

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When summer fun leads you back to school, your brain leaps to magical new heights and can reboot fun you can bring back with you!

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Why brain based? Did you know that students’ brains retain about 5% of what they hear you speak or lecture and about 95% of what they teach others as they learn themselves.  That’s why we’re hosting a huge sale on student-ready-to-roll lessons, games, tasks and tests for your back to school adventures!

Let today start something new for your back to school ventures!

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There may be no elevators to learning success but each stair you climb advances you closer to dreams you dare daily!

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How will your back to school innovations and brain based prompts lead your students and you to new heights this term? Do follow me at my Tpt site and please do let me know how I can support your back to school delight.

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