From Math Disdain To Learning Delight?

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Not that all teens hate math but some do, and that disdain slows down their mental ability to run with any numeric¬† benefits for their lives. So it only makes sense to bust a few math moves that ensure delight for many more math students. Yes, they’ll begin to dance key math facts beyond your class!

It’s a bit like helping teens let go of stress and mental misery when they could help you to generate wonder and foster fun in class. Yes, I did infer it!¬† Teachers don’t have to transform math drudgery into wonder or fantasy, all by themselves.

Students are more then willing to help here – and they offer far more solutions to this I-hate-math problem that some teachers recognize. How so?

math tricks

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It only makes sense that teens who sing scientific notation rules and dance its process – will be able to write the population of their state in scientific notation in any exam tossed at them. Suddenly they’ll love learning math concepts that seemed an impossible burden to their active brains, when they sat and struggled in math lectures. dance your math

So how do students get started to sing and dance a tough math concept.It’s easy if you start with a very clearly stated cheat sheet of facts needed to do the math concept. Say we’re doing scientific notation, for instance. First prepare your cheat sheet with all the steps needed to write both huge and tiny numbers as scientific notations. Below is a sample brain based math tool teens love.

cheat sheets to create math song

OK, within the cheat sheets above, you’ve outsourced all the facts you need, and that your working memory may not hold over time. All that’s left is to create a cool song and dance to remember each step so that you’ll be able to write scientific notations with confidence and flare on that killer test! Your brain will replay the dance on screens set up by your imagination.¬† In fact, you may even see a few teens flop out of desks and bust a move or two!

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