How Do You Look Beyond Losing Leaders?

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If you’re ready to slog past politics, side-step broken systems, or look beyond self-serving leaders who let us down daily, read on …

The best solution to leaders who lose our trust, is your leadership and mine. When we lead with care, we  courageously propose possibilities for all.  We move beyond leadership walls and build bridges for new vistas we all crave.

Leader loss

Where you see arrogance, practice civility

Where corruption abounds – act honestly

Where dominance bullies – draw in diversity with kindness

Where unapproachability reigns – communicate care

Where low morale peaks – laugh at yourself and risk wonder

Where hesitation hides truth – toss confidence into your stride

Where inconsistency flourishes – show commitment to a cause

Where rhetoric tears down trust – build back truth possibilities

Where rigid rules stall progress – pound fluid pathways forward

Where flawed decisions break faith – practice beliefs with hope

When violence robs life – inspire life-giving peace for all

Imagine a community of leaders who act with humility on values they hope others will see in them.  Do this and you’ve already looked beyond leaders who’ve lost our trust, and joined new foot-soldiers forward.

Together we can create an innovative leadership worth living that most of us crave yet too few enjoy.

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