Combine Climate, Robots, Minecraft, Grandparents and Kids!

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Who doesn’t love a great story? And who’s not into Minecraft creations, or a loving grandparent cuddle? Finally, who’s not concerned about problems such as text neck, because kids are online too much? If you say, yes to any of these three  it only makes sense to engage young readers hot topics such as climate change, robot capabilities, Minecraft creations and nature’s sustainability in narratives and activities they love. That’s why I read The Wild Robot and actively engaged my grandchildren recently. What a blast!

Wild Robot FB

My two young readers love a great story, they play Minecraft as the only reward that entices them to practicing piano, and they have endless ideas about modern-day hot buttons  when their Nana draws in and engages their awesome intelligences along the way. And the same can happen for you.

Through newly developed brain-based materials, the kids and I danced, sang, crafted, and shared this story together over one week. Cover Wild Robot H and FThe book held our interest to the last page, and the materials opened magical new spaces to connect the children’s multiple intelligences to a story that delighted and inspired. We mixed music, magic and movement into our literary investigations, for sheer fun!

Apr 2017 - 3We taught steps to one another

Apr - 2017 - 2We used  Minecraft ideas to create a new biome for wild robot we built and programmed. Apr 2017 - 5We named our wild robots and shared their programmed capabilities as these related to climate change, robotic influences and nature’s sustainability in the story.

Apr 2017 - 8We wrote chapter 81 – to conclude the book’s adventure with our own plans.

Apr 2017 - 9

By now you likely see why Peter Brown’s fast paced novel  led to multiple active tasks I designed to help young readers enjoy learning even more as they interact, think critically and use many of their intelligences to understand and respond to their text.

Let’s face it – who doesn’t love a robot, and creating their own to interact with the plot will add innovation and adventure to their experience. See the brief video below to hear all that included in this Wild Robot kit to help you and your readers keep a story they love alive as you teach many core standards covered here.

Answer keys are included to save time and these materials can be laminated, filed, and used again and again.

Hopefully these ready-to-roll brain-based materials will benefit your daily goals as they advance young learners in class and beyond.

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