First Glance at New Book – Your Brain on Grace!

Where’s grace when you’re so far down you have to look up to see bottom?

Have you ever felt deeply loved and experienced deep depression at the same moment. There’s a neural related reason these two cannot co-exist. Opposite emotions cannot co-exist in your amygdala – since love is fueled by serotonin or dopamine (a well-being chemical) and depression is driven by toxic cortisol. Capture1

Hurray!  Just uploaded my book which is rooted in a lifetime of wondering how faith and brains might fit together as a lived experience. It’s not intended to preach to others, simply to share with friends from inside new neural discoveries and a gift of faith that literally has saved my life at times, and given new meaning at other times. It was written to teach and remind me of the wonders of these two lifelines in my own life, and if it applies to yours I am richly blessed!

Negative emotional responses to hurtful situations – if held onto until they become your inner talk – will block your brain’s ability to enjoy the divine love you crave.

Good news though! Alter your focus from the problem and as you begin to engage a possibility. Growth mindset or possibility thinking  often requires a shift to alter your choices from depression to delight. How so?   Choices for Growth Mindset grace

Each time you choose another inner possibility for grace to grow you also grow another new neuron pathway for its magic. Your brain creates a path from where to stand to peaks that benefit you more from fuel freely given – based on divine LOVE not blocked by your frailty or humanity.  Grace 2Soon this guide will become part of my new book called FINDING GRACE WHEN YOU LOSE YOUR SHOES which will be uploaded at my TpT site.

First ten copies of this practical handbook on Grace and the Brain, will be offered free to first ten people who email me!

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8 thoughts on “First Glance at New Book – Your Brain on Grace!

  1. eweber Post author

    Thanks for your kind and thoughtful words David! There are already 10 through SM requests – but it’s my privilege to stretch the deal and send you a copy.Absolutely! Just uploaded the book and am getting ready to issue the sample copies in next hour. Hope you find a few fun new insights:-) For those who love the notion of a lived experience of grace as it connects to new neural discoveries – this book should offer some fun new possibilities.

  2. eweber Post author

    Will send when completed Susan! Thanks for your interest! Back to the drawing board – with excitement. Best, Ellen

  3. Ellen Weber

    Will do Adam when completed – and thanks for your kind words!! This book’s been floating in my head for some time – so excited to connect brains and grace in ways that impact life:-) Best, Ellen

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