Killer Question for Aging Parent or Older Child!

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If you could re-stage your last family gathering for the sole purpose of engaging a life-changing question to an older child, or aging parent – what would you ask? My own beautiful, talented, generous and caring daughter has always been the light of my life – yet I failed at times to communicate my sky-high value for everything she means to me! Has it happened to you?


Through improved communication, we cling to innovative possibilities that allow us to step past seen or unseen parts we failed in past, or navigate parts that sometimes fail us now. We can look to possibilities, through a lens of cherished relationships with a deeply valued child like Tan, or with a kindred friend, to helpĀ  us re-define and lead innovative strategies for a more caring world based onĀ  progress we help facilitate for all.

Two-footed questions are fun to ask, as they engage interactions between the questioner and the person questioned. They also raise interest for any topic – by connecting content to people asked about it. Have you seen it up the ante in a exchanges you facilitate?

Here at my TpT site are more than 256 additional questions with two feet for 64+ additional topics.

And your next game-changer question is …


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