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Killer Question for Aging Parent or Older Child!

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If you could re-stage your last family gathering for the sole purpose of engaging a life-changing question to an older child, or aging parent – what would you ask? My own beautiful, talented, generous and caring daughter has always been the light of my life – yet I failed at… Read more »

Who Says Holidays Are Not Inclusive at Secondary?

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Whatever holiday you celebrate or do not, your students can find new hope through inclusion in two-footed questions that build curiosity across differences! How so? The two-footed question I like to ask is: If any one of us were to visit you at your favorite time over this holiday, what… Read more »

Looking for Drug-Related Lift?

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Increasingly, people feel desperate, bored and unfulfilled, so that drug overdoses are up over 100% in some states. There’s a sense of unmet urgency out there, that many call a lack of hope. Others openly share how  love and kindness seem to flee when they need it most.  Have you… Read more »

Myths and Wisdom on Aging Brains

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Elizabeth Gould’s dynamic discoveries in this area recently created an entirely new field of neurogenesis, a discipline that shows how the adult brain generates new cells. This means that if you act wisely on a day, you alter the very structure of your brain. For instance, choices today determine the levels of wisdom that will follow on the following day. The opposite is also true.

Possibility Mindset – Ignite Community with 2-footed Questions

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Does it surprise you that research shows people who spot more possibilities live longer than peers who focus on problems? They light up our circles too! You may ask, What about tough times, when cursing the darkness seems to bat last?  Even when hope seems to fade, possibility thinkers are… Read more »

Age Graciously or Voraciously?

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Do you lie about age, or do others find inspiration from your maturity? Perhaps more importantly – can you laugh at age? Do predictable answers fly from your tongue like corn pops over heat, or do you investigate and weigh different viewpoints? Would friends describe you as gracious and set… Read more »

Boost Brainier Holiday Fun!

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Simply start with newly discovered facts about the human brain, and you’ll soon ramp up fun and festivity for your holiday.

Open the personal gift of intrapersonal intelligence as your tool to tackle holiday challenges by giving and gaining far more. Offer presents like those below and find holiday miracles fit for a genius.


Do Your Routines Rob Our Hope?

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When hope yields to daily mandated routines, our brains slip into dangerous ruts! Do your routines rob our hope? What about mandated routines? Looking for tips to reboot magical hope for a new season? I like to start with the two-footed question: What awakens hope in you in spite of difficulties… Read more »