Write Halloween Stories in Haunted Hallows

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Why not convert your high school classroom or home into a Haunted Hallow where teens imagine realities such as, Lost in a Mystery Corn Maze? Or where a Scarecrow Festival springs into life as students enter and begin their Halloween inspired writing. capture1

It’s not only fun, but it sparks a festive holiday muse that teens love!  Enjoy the holiday fun and add bursts of serotonin wellbeing to their busy, often stressed lives.

Who doesn’t look forward to Halloween? So it only makes sense to bring it alive  and allow it to infuse writer imaginations in ways that develop their writing muse. Here are five ways to bring Halloween into your classroom and home for writing fun. capture3

  1. Teens create a zany Halloween story or essay idea that they will write on the following day. Have them title their story or essay such as Haunted Hallow or Mystery Corn Maze and then pair share main ideas, as writers jot down tips brainstormed with another person.
  2. Create and dress-up in a cool costume that describes your theme for a contest. Take three minutes to try and guess fellow writers’ plot lines as each person struts their Halloween get-ups.
  3. Play eerie background music with Halloween-like sounds. Writers focus better with soft background music if there are no words to distract their writing. Set the mood to haunted and keep their adventure alive through music that inspires their Halloween moods.halloween-extra-jpeg
  4. Hand out small bags of Skittles or Smarties to students as they enter your Haunted Hallow or Scarecrow Festival. In that way teens get into the trick or treat swag before they begin to write. Allow them to eat their treats as they write and you’ll transport their muse into a Halloween spirit.
  5. Teens bring one story prop each to include their story themes. Collectively, these props will transform ordinary settings into the magic trick or treaters love at Halloween.

Would you agree that teens’ story ideas will be enhanced by Halloween costumes, eerie background sounds, treats, and holiday stage props at home or in class?  Whenever time permits, the stage is already set for exchanging their scary stories and celebrating Halloween through teens’ writing talent development.

You may ask – What about teens who disapprove of Halloween? Fall themes such as the popular corm maze or scarecrow festival offer fun topics for those who dislike or don’t believe in Halloween themes. The video below shows dozens more teenage ready-tasks and Halloween or autumn-themed handouts to write their way through sheer Halloween fun, at my TPT site.