She listened so well that very few knew …

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Robyn loved to listen to others and to learn more about what each person cared about most that day. Those of us she engaged felt richer because she listened through genuine curiosity that prompted us to speak up and feel heard.Listen with brain

Lesser known however, was Robyn‘s sheer delight whenever others asked her about interests, celebrated her call, or wondered about her life dreams on any given day. She’d retell each such encounter as if she’d just received a priceless treasure from that listener!

Stories Robyn especially loved to tell …

Those who heard Robyn‘s heart and mind at its awesome depths –  also heard mind-bending stories about the call Robyn loved and chased until the day she passed into an eternity to meet her Divine Giver of that call. They laughed with Robyn’s infectious humor as she shared lighter memories cherished especially in her local and international missions.

Those who listened to Robyn’s insights most likely picked up on her exuberance about amazing leaders she helped and supported in Canada, Caribbean, United Kingdom, Chile, China, Jamaica and many other places she traveled and taught. They would have captured the humility that led her back to university to complete a PhD at 62, in order to understand better what she felt called to do with the final quarter century of her life.  It didn’t take much to get Robyn talking enthusiastically about her call in ways that related to anybody who asked.

Still, Robyn always waited to be asked before making any exchange about her precious stories. Her willingness to make communication more about others,  got me thinking about how well we listen to hear what people really love to discuss and do. I’m talking about the kind of listening where deep calls to deep! Have you heard it?

Robyn’s unique listening brand …

Robyn’s listening came without judgement and often stuck to favorite topics raised by people she engaged. Her curiosity-building questions came without preconceived ideas about what others should or should not do, content to simply learn from hearing stories they loved to tell as much as she loved to tell her stories. I hope to carry on Robyn’s legacy of asking questions to learn from other amazing people like her – who so enjoy answering what few know about their dreams and call!

What questions do you ask to energize and learn from those around you? Here  are five questions I heard Robyn ask small children,  seniors, and many in between.

  1. What did you enjoy most about today?
  2. When and how did you meet?
  3. What motivates you to love what you do?
  4. What plans do you have for the coming week?
  5. Have you ever considered …? (she’d add something related to extending what that person did and enjoyed.)

Robyn taught me to value the call for my own life – by the faithfulness, zip and willingness to learn more – that she brought to our brain-based work daily. She also taught me to listen to others in much the way she leaped with delight whenever anybody listened to her.

R.I.P. Robyn as you exchange more mind-bending stories – and yes the hilarious yarns that still had us all laughing years later – with those you love who’ve gone ahead.


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