Elevator Speech Writing Tips

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Imagine an effective elevator speech that becomes your pass into a new job!  Or a ticket to that promotion you crave! How so?

Say it so that it sells your top talents in ways that fit their job’s top needs.

Capture1Include the following tips to propose your best work assets in a winning elevator speech:

Learn through games, peer edits and speech examples how to show in your pitch that you know what your ideal job really needs. Open with a hook that creates a curiosity to learn more. Add credibility to your experiences in ways that show you’ll accomplish the same and more at their workplace. Add a power punch into the speech delivery by brain facts you include. Avoid jargon – and go for personal examples that show your skills. Keep is brief enough to show your skills and their strengths in less than 30 seconds. Follow-up with questions that engage an interviewer and show your interest in learning more.

Learn to keep your exchange brief as if it engaged an employer on the way from the first to the fiftieth floor. When that elevator door opens, the employer will already want to continue a dialogue, because your speech turned your talents into a top job.


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