Tips to Burn Strong and Not Burn Out!

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Why suffer burned out brains – when a few tools can help you to burn strong while you await summer fun or other cool breaks?serotonin boost Here are a few tips to leapfrog your brain from burning out to burning strong! Yes, even on a busy day or just before a well deserved break!

Luckily – all the equipment your brain needs is already waiting in its awesome storehouses.

Tips below literally switch on mental parts that drive motivation, well-being, fun and discovery, while you’re in wind down mode.

Simply Stomp Out Stress by Restoring  your Brain’s Wellbeing Molecule (or Serotonin) in fun ways:

1). Toss some silly sauce into a serious situation. Laugh at yourself and the brain engages new parts that release fuels you need to create and enjoy innovative solutions.

Let’s say you’re cramming for a fast approaching test. Lighten up and look for an alternative to replace worry with a workable way to remember. For instance – if you scribble or sketch an answer you’ll have an invisible cheat sheet of sorts to take to the test in your brain as a prop to remember facts that otherwise allude you.

2. Support a peer or spike some fun toward a senior. Offer to help a shut-in, or visit a senior and your brain kick-starts serotonin that spikes adventure and delight right back at you!  Serotonin is your brain’s natural drug, yet magical elixir for success. It emerges stronger through the novelty of giving to others something that may make their day a bit brighter.

3. Toss out a two-footed question to discover a new take on your day. Curiosity comes with its own serotonin benefits within two pronged questions! One foot or prong gets at the subject you are after, and the other engages the person you are asking. Serotonin pops into into action with brain boosting benefits when we engage others by actively listening. Amp up this molecule of  wellbeing and delight by asking questions such as: What do you think of …? What addition would you make to …? What if you …?

Looking for more fun ways to navigate the grumpy and gain the serotonin goodness your brain holds today?

At my TPT site you’ll find a 20 action packed kit with practical tasks to amp up serotonin and support success that will advance burned out brains to the next level of burning strong! See video description here! What new choice will increase learning benefits to your day.?

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    I’m having company soon and am in the midst of cleaning. Every time I make a room look great I get a shot of serotonin and it spurs me to go on.

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