So Honored to Learn and Lead with You!

Thank you Healthcare Administration Career for your faithful commitment to LEADING and LEARNING! Best blog

Thanks also for including my Brain Based Leading and Learning in your awesome list of 2016’s top 50 great management and leadership gurus below. Many of these sites have also been my own favorites for creativity, uniqueness, and innovation!

Find myself wanting to learn more from each  – as we all try to revolutionize what it means to learn and to lead in ways that benefit all in a new era! Will you help us to answer questions below from the pool of your wisdom? If so – we are richer again because of you!

1. Great Leadership by Dan   Dan, what leadership and management development skill would best stir new talents in executive leadership development to build new skills we crave most?

2. Random acts of Leadership   Susan, how can leading change become simpler and what are specific bridges we can build between theory of leadership and awesome leadership in action?

3. TIMMILBURN Developing LIFELONG LEADERS,   how do you suggest we become lifelong leaders, and capitalize on opportunities that grow us as leaders, when we fail to achieve results we desire with resources we possess?

4. The RESOURCE Tank   Jean, where would you suggest a learner or leader find motivation or spot hope in today’s arena of the 1% holding too many controls against both?

5. THE KEVIN EIKENBERRY GROUP   Kevin, how does a leader or learner know when they have reached their full potential and productivity?

6. Cheryl cran   Cheryl, what can we do today to foster better leaders and learners across generation gaps for a 2020 vision that offers more for all?

7. Linked 2 Leadership   Professional friends,  how can we ensure organizational health when some leaders appear to prosper under unhealthy organizational practices?

8. Tredgold- THE LEADERS’ LEADER   Gordon, what would you advise leaders to attain an organization where all learners and leaders boast of the transformational leadership evident?

9. CHRIS BRADY   Chris, since we know the power of play to brains at work, how can we introduce fun into organizations focused on making money – more than playing to make a difference?

10. N2GROWTH- Leadership Solutions   What is the most important hidden value any organization needs to build its full potential?

11. Orrin Woodward Leadership   Orrin, how do we look at a wider pool of talents to develop extraordinary learners and leaders from ordinary people, who often get missed at work?

12. Harvest Performance   Sonia, how can we showcase more personal experiences and foster a wider variety of learning and leadership approaches, in a world that appears fixed on a few only?

13. Genius One   Frank, what management and leadership strategy most ensures that we lead ourselves first before leading others, and how does it work?

14. eblin group   Scott, how would you advise a discouraged learner or leader to evolve into an effective and fulfilled model for others?

15. Management Improvement Blog by John Hunter   John, how can the internet and internet technology help to improve an organization that has little ability currently to reach viewers?

16. LOLLY DASKAL- LEAD FROM WITHIN   Lolly, how do you see practical integration of learning and leading at top levels in colleges and businesses, so that we pull in similar directions?

17. Steve Farber   Steve, how would you advise leaders at varying levels to pull more together for the good of all, when those at the top fear change from progressive newcomers?

18. Gretchen Rubin   Gretchen, how could a genuine pursuit of happiness and integration of good habits infuse organizations in the current climate where many hate their jobs?

19. MICHAEL HYATT   Michael, what is your most important practical tip to help other risk-averse learners and leaders creatively lead against the grain in ways that benefit more?

20. Three Star Leadership   Wally, how can leaders and learners help discouraged staff to grow regardless of lack of appreciation or perceived lack of value in their organization?

21. JURGEN APPELO   Jurgen, how do you define creative and great organizations and how do games, tools, and practices sustain greatness for all?

22. Terry St. Marie   Terry, what is more Human Leadership, and how could each generation  become more human – with benefits for all?

23. CLINT FIX – COMPANY REVIEWS AND RANDOM THOUGHTS   Clint, what is the first key to improving an organization, where good leadership appears to be missing and lack of learning is evident?

24. Wayne Dyer   Wayne, how do you motivate stagnant learners and leaders to promote personal leadership and self-development with better alternatives to foster more talents from all?

25. John Maxwell   John, what resource would best equip learners and leaders to achieve greatness with all in their circles?

26. Leadership freak   Dan, how do you prevent senior mentors from passing on tired traditions and old school politics that may be holding back real progression that young mentees could offer?

27. Aspire- Mary Jo Asmus   Mary Jo, what is the most vital practical solution to transform good into great, and what’s blocking learners and leaders from this solution?

28. SmartTribes Institute   Christine, how can we best help leaders to navigate growth and change, that empowers others to achieve the same?

29. Brain leaders & learners   Leader friends and learner colleagues – how can I best help rejuvenate leadership and reboot learning practices here and at my TPT Site  to introduce mind-bending approaches that work magically with all brains, rather than against many?

30. Leadership now   Michael , how can we foster shared leadership across more communities and organizations for the benefit of all?

31. Mike Figliuolo   Mike, what is the most important life changing skill builder for this era where young workers tell us that they appear to be losing because a few at the top seem bent on control?

32. Curious cat   John, what is the most vital leadership skill that you use, described in valued terms for those without concepts from six-sigma or system thinking?

33. Tanveer Nasseer   Tanveer, how do we create a fulfilling feeling of purpose and meaning that fosters  learners and leaders who feel most sidelined currently at work?

34. SeaPoint Center   Jesse Lyn Stoner, how do we best encourage managers to become more meaningful contributors as learners and leaders at work?

35. Let’s Grow leaders   Karin, how do we sustain learner and leader growth among those who feel they already reached its peaks or those who feel barricaded from its heights?

36. Cube Rules   Colleen, how has a misconception of soft and hard skills led to rather limited development of both among learners and leaders among us?

37. Modern servant leader   Ben, how do you see a growth of servant leadership and learning in our current climate of grab more for a few and win?

38. Linked2Leadership   Tom, what key motto for leadership and learning has emerged from your contributors globally who offer their awesome managerial expertise?

39. Ed Batista   Ed, what is the most important lesson you have learned or led related to sizzling change that works for all?

39. Chris Locurto   Chris, what is your most popular personal insight on leadership, managing people, and financial stewardship, and why so?

40. CO2 Exhale   Gary, what is your most useful tip for learners and leaders to communicate in ways that improve benefits to all?

41. LEAD ON PURPOSE   Michael, how has product management changed in ways that  motivate all learners and leaders to become the best that they can be?

42. Self-Leadership   Andrew, what self- perception (or habit) fosters or limits leadership development most?

43. Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog   John, what would you say to my MBA students who are mentored by older and out of touch staff, yet blocked from learning and leading new and innovative approaches?

44. Management Skills Blog   Tom, what one key innovation would it take to increase valuable conversations across differences in ways that grow learners and leaders at work?

45. Bob Burg   Bob what’s your best example of giving more in order to achieve more, and how does that benefit all learners and leaders?

46. David Zinger   David how can we balance practical and research-based approaches in ways that grow learners and leaders in any organization?

47. The Gallup Blog   Gallup leadership what top lesson from your company’s leader and learner growth would most benefit the rest of us?

48. Seth Godin   Seth, what did you learn in the past week or so that would help leaders and learners to improve performance and the overall climate of their professional environment?

49. LinkedIn Pulse   What top tip did your site offer leaders and learners lately – related to insightful and engaging workplaces?

50. HBR Blog Network    Harvard Business Review’s Blog Network, how will your content help us this week to learn and lead a more progressive workplace that benefits many who feel left behind in the current climate?

Imagine all we could do, as we pull together different talents toward one goal – a finer workplace that grows learner and leader skills for an awesome new era! Thanks my friends and fellow learners and leaders. I look forward to how you each will teach and inspire us all!  Visitors not listed here are also welcome to offer wisdom to any 2-footed questions above!

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