When Students Co-lead – We All Prosper!

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Students love to navigate their own learning progress – especially when they see or can create adventurous pathways to rewards. I love the break!182. Participation points

That’s why my students grade their own participation in every class. How so?

At the beginning of class students collect their personal tone chart. On one side they read and select from the 5 tone criteria listed.

On the flip side students record evidence of demonstrating that specific criteria.

This process takes minutes only, yet it builds a strong community, helps students to take charge of their own progress, and helps faculty to keep attendance.


Good tone adds mental alertness to class.  With a few basic tone skills here we lead and learn awesome new mental insights about any topic.209. Tone to Disagree - Poster

Fail to use tone skills and brains shut out insights, approaches and answers we all deserve. Good tone that comes from this practice offers a relaxed setting where differences add currency.

When students become co-leaders TONE yields awesome results. When faculty try do it all,  sadly we work against students’ brains and our own!  No wonder we burn out.  In this approach tone skills reboot our brains for mental alertness and mind-bending discoveries keep learning alive for all.

What recharges your mental batteries on a busy day?

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Created by Ellen Weber, Brain Based Tasks for Growth Mindset