Your Brain on Peer Support

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To support colleagues and draw support from peers means to first discover what brains crave in common and how they operate. How so?

Imagine for instance, that we could build a learning community together to support all. Imagine that each will benefit from shared strengths that improve our circles daily. What would such support look like?

To answer this question,  I’ve asked faculty and leaders  worldwide…

What support do you want most?

During almost 40 years of brain based  renewal in many counties – I’ve come to see 10 surprisingly common desires expressed.  How does that support impact learning?

10 things teachers teens and tots craveLet’s imagine that for each of 10 benefits peers say they crave, they also possess awesome brain equipment to stoke the same!

Enter six fantasy characters bearing real brain parts…

Six magical namungos – or fantasy characters with real brain parts regulate peer support possibilities in key ways:

1. Bas helps us grow and shine with plenty of stored talents in the form of habits or familiar approaches.

2. Sero  creates wellbeing for all to speak up and feel heard in ways that prevent barriers to learning – such as stress.

3. Plas brings the brain’s ability to change shape with new approaches, and to respond to new challenges with doable solutions.

4. WM –  holds onto new facts on a sticky note of sorts at the front of brains, while they are applied to improve a situation.

5. Cort  reminds us to sidestep its dangerous stress chemicals as a way to tackle challenges with courage.

6. Myg awakens meaningful choices through stored emotional responses that regulate moods and tame knee-jerk impulses.

When namungos guide – support  results.

Support means:

~ Acting out what you’d like Bas to store in your support system.

~ Switching on  Sero‘s well being by working collaboratively for fun and peer profitability.

~ Reaching wider with Plas and WM  to grow multiple intelligences as tools that benefit all.

~ Sidestepping stress that prevents Cort from draining support from those who need it most.

~Taming your amygdala through Myg to ensure emotional benefits abound.

What will the namungos do for you today to shore up support for learning and leading in your circle?

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