Spotting Strengths in Rainbows …

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I see my best strength within a rainbow that adds multiple colors to new ideas. How do my students benefit?

I guide students to write regularly on opposite sides of controversial topics in brain based ways that reveal new strengths as rainbows display vibrant colors.

Writing class starts with a quest such as this – “Imagine if you could only wear one color, fly one airline, care about one only family member, or possess one way of doing everything you do daily.”

When writers imagine a rainbow that shuts out all colors but one, they see value in alternative views that span essay topics.

Fear holds some young writers back from sharing deeply felt opposing views.  Before my rainbow tasks – some students refuse to share views on topics where other may differ. Why so? Sadly, they’ve felt crushing blows of disapproval from folks who see the world through different lenses, and lack skills to learn from opposites.

Did you know the brain can literally shut down one’s ability to create or problem solve, when attacked for articulating a  less popular view.  Just as the brain retreats with attack – the opposite it also true luckily.

Brains spring alive with radiant new colors when students learn to communicate counterpoints. It’s a matter of guiding students in a step-by-step approach. Using fun brain based tasks – my students address questions that explore several sides of every essay topic. See why their writing reaches higher and spans across wider and multi-colored strokes.

No question, one color inspires some. Others though, see meaning in different colors. My own students look to the integration of rainbow-like colors to grasp diverse insights in doable ways. Capture1

What question would you ask to engage interest and strengths on the other side of your essay insights?

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