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I’m fellow collaborator and fellow learner. With curiosity as currency and two-footed questions as engine – we move key concepts into lived experiences that add meaning. Theory and words wiggle into actions and benefits that inspire students from where they stand to where they dream. How so?

Let’s say I teach O’Henry’s, Gift of the Magi. I open by asking: What’s your best gift this holiday and how will it benefit others? That trigger question propels further interaction to move the narrative forward until students internalize key concepts into zest for their own lives.

When we start with curiosity-building we end with deeper takeaways!  Pass a talking stick to each in your circle. Only the person holding the stick speaks and everybody else listens to their gift-giving plans and benefits. As collaborator,  I answer the question too, and when the stick comes to me, I  pose another two-footed question to move us forward yet again.


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